Tired Back

It’s funny to me how the chiropractor can spend about 15-20 minutes working on me and I feel like I’ve done a very difficult workout. I’m a noodle right now, and I’ve got tons of fairly physical things to do. All I want to do is lay down and rest.

My back was killing me on Thursday. Between the treatment Wednesday afternoon and spending eight hours in the car driving (well, I drove for four hours and was a passenger for four–my daughter drove back–and that change in position helps a lot), I could barely walk Thursday night. It was the worst my back has felt during all of this. Friday, I walked and did my exercises and I gradually felt better and better. My run on Saturday felt good; the irony is the drive back was the most difficult part for me. Sunday, I felt good enough to run but skipped it to enjoy home things.

So today I went back and told him how I’d felt. He did all his manipulation stuff and told me (again) that, while I may feel pain one place, it is all a back problem and the seated position is just a big problem for my injury. Afterward, I’m doing my exercises for the other doc and I’m simply weak. I can’t complete one of my side planks, and my extended squats on the side that’s been worked on send me into a sweat. I’ve just got no strength there.

Frustrating. I have every confidence in the world I’ll come out of this pain-free and stronger and better off than before but I’m wishing for a little more progress at the moment.

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