Revealing All in a Cup of Coffee

This real world scenario and your reactions to it can uncover the inner-most leanings of your psyche. Or perhaps not.

But I’m curious…how does my coffee quiz speak to you?

Cup of Coffee Personality Test

The scene: the Nyfeler kitchen, some early weekday morning. My husband, a passionate patron of a local independent coffee shop, gallantly offers to purchase for me what I call a “fancy coffee.” I accept, and he bunnies off, returning shortly and bearing a steaming, lovely almond milk latte with honey, which I sip on as I read the newspaper and work my crossword puzzle. Later in the morning, I head off to a workout, meeting, or time with friends, before arriving back at the house around 11 a.m. to discover that — except for those first few delicious sips — I’d completely forgotten about that fancy coffee.

It sits, cold and abandoned, on my kitchen counter.

I add a little bit of hot water to make a full cup before warming it in the microwave. While I check emails and work, I sip, set the cup down, and forget the coffee again. Undeterred, I repeat my warming process until all coffee is consumed.

Cup of Coffee Quiz


Choose Your Response:

A. Why, I’d say that’s perfectly understandable. After all, it’s a pricey treat, the hubby went to all that trouble, and it’d be a shame to just toss that coffee out. Waste not, want not!

B. The microwaving thing concerns me. What kind of container are you using? I’ve heard microwaving destroys nutrients (not that there are any nutrients in coffee, but still…). Plus, the almond milk sat out for how long? And is that water filtered? You need to take a good, hard look at food safety, sister.

C. So you just get up and leave your breakfast dishes? What kind of slob are you?! If the  kitchen had been tidied up, you’d have found the coffee and reheating wouldn’t have been necessary.

D. Can I just say that your husband is great? And which coffee shop is that? I mean, not that I am looking to run into him or anything, but would that be before or after 7 a.m…..

E. There’s a certain logic missing here. Might I suggest crafting a nice iced coffee rather than reheating? Or even freezing to add to brownie recipes or smoothies? I’d already pinned several options for utilizing leftover coffee and I don’t even have this issue.

F. On behalf of all serious coffee drinkers everywhere, I’m appalled. Shocked. What you’ve just done to that hand-crafted, finely-brewed artisanal cup o’ joe is disgusting. Warm water? Reheating? Ugh. If you won’t enjoy it properly, don’t have one at all.

G. How did you find that cup of coffee?  I appreciate any locating tips you can share. Also, I think my keys are missing.

What the Cup of Coffee Personality Test Reveals!

A. You respect a budget and occupy the real world, which is still somewhat shocked by a $4 coffee and always keen to appreciate a treat.

B. You’re a studier, up on the latest food issues and trends, and somewhere along the germaphobe spectrum. Also, you probably don’t have kids.

C.  Process rules. You have a firm grip on the necessity of and beauty found in the proper execution of all tasks. If you have offspring, you are an overachiever.

D. It’s not the coffee that matters, it’s the coffee bearer. You’re focused on relationships, not stuff. And single.

E. A creative problem solver, you look past the obvious to see myriad possibilities (and who doesn’t love a brownie?). You have lots and lots of free time.

F. For you, purist, it IS about the coffee. The world is either a latte or mocha, nothing in-between. You lean hard toward all caps.

G. So, are you peri- or post-menopausal?




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