Rocking Those Runs

I have a thousand other things I should/need to be doing but I decided to take a break. My runs have been fantastic lately. This last week was more resting than running, but I had three runs. Three get-that-shit-eating-grin-off-my-face-it’s-so-good runs. Runs that make you love being a runner. Rocking runs. I took Monday through Wednesday… Continue reading Rocking Those Runs

FOMO (or I have Ironman Disease)

Something happened after I did an Ironman. After all those workouts and the intense focus, every other workout seemed easy.  Oh, I don’t mean that I didn’t work hard or that an individual workout wasn’t tough –I  just mean that suddenly, ONE workout or a workout of “only” a couple of hours didn’t seem intimidating.… Continue reading FOMO (or I have Ironman Disease)

Seeing the Forest for the Trees at Palo Duro Canyon 50K

I am currently working on the epic novel that is my Palo Duro Canyon 50K race report. I love writing race reports. When I relive the experience like that, it often helps me to clarify issues (good and/or bad) and come to conclusions. It helps to settle everything in my mind so I can make… Continue reading Seeing the Forest for the Trees at Palo Duro Canyon 50K