Seeing the Forest for the Trees at Palo Duro Canyon 50K

I am currently working on the epic novel that is my Palo Duro Canyon 50K race report.

I love writing race reports. When I relive the experience like that, it often helps me to clarify issues (good and/or bad) and come to conclusions. It helps to settle everything in my mind so I can make sense out of the months of training and the minutes and hours of the event. Sometimes, there’s a bigger picture than merely a run. And often, it’s not until the post-race deconstruction that I can truly see that.

This run needed to be put in the context of 2009. My friend Stephanie helped me to see that in the long car ride home from Palo Duro last Sunday.

It’s also important for me to get a handle on this race before I go ahead with other race plans. I shouldn’t make any changes based on ego or impatience or unsatisfaction; if I choose to do something differently, it needs to be because my heart is leading me in that direction and it’s best for me.

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