Having a Great PT Day, Reformer-Style

Yesterday turned into one of those totally unexpected great days. The kind where everything seems to go right. The very best thing was my physical therapy. Over the last few weeks, I’ve felt that something about my recovery turned a corner; the walking is better; the swelling is less; I feel more and more like… Continue reading Having a Great PT Day, Reformer-Style

Recovery with a Little Help from My Friends

This is my training journal, so I try to keep my entries less diary-like and really focused on those things that are running/workout related. Since I’ve been injured, it’s been about the recovery process, which I consider part of training. And I’ve come to a very real realization over the last year:  My friends are… Continue reading Recovery with a Little Help from My Friends

Training for Recovery

Yesterday, I started a blog entry. It was a recap of some positives and then I’d started on a big discussion of what was frustrating about progress, emotional stuff, ruminating on what was wrong. Fuck that. Today, I start training. I will get to race weight. Because numbers motivate me, my weight is on a… Continue reading Training for Recovery