Training for Recovery

Yesterday, I started a blog entry. It was a recap of some positives and then I’d started on a big discussion of what was frustrating about progress, emotional stuff, ruminating on what was wrong.

Fuck that.

Today, I start training.

I will get to race weight. Because numbers motivate me, my weight is on a sticky note at eye-level on the frig for me (and all) to see. I can only replace it when the number goes down.

I will find multiple ways to workout each day. I’m taking another crack at the 100 push-up challenge with modified push-ups; if I finish it before I can run, I’ll start over with conventional push-ups (should my ankle allow). Instead of walking once a day for as long as I can, I’m going to take several 15-minute walks with a “long run” on the weekend. I will go to the gym, even if it’s just for 15 minutes to sit on the ball and do my balance exercises. Every little bit will help.

I will swim and aqua jog. Today, I’ll investigate some options and make a plan for this to be a primary form of challenging exercise.

I will go for a long bike ride on the stationary bike once a week.

I will be the best runner I can be when I can run again.


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