Swimming with My Daughter

Yesterday was something special.

My daughter Libby and I both went to swimming (not that I actually see her during, as we are on opposite sides of the pool, but I love knowing she is there). It was the first time I’d been where Chrissie was the sole coach. I told my hubby the other day that for some reason, I found her intimidating but was not sure why, since she’d been extremely pleasant whenever we spoke.

So it was with some trepidation that l looked at the workout because I always need an explanation or help since I am still new to all this. My fears were needless — I know I sound like a broken record on this T3 stuff, but MAN, I got quality attention! Every time I finished a set, she was there to give me personalized instruction on what I needed to do to improve and how she wanted me to work the next set, down to times, focus, everything.

And the pool was full…it’s not like me and two other people were there. My daughter said that she gave all the folks in the fastest lane their splits. She was everywhere and clearly watching and analyzing all of us. And get this — the corrections she helped me make took a good three strokes off my time across the pool (I got to 19!) in just an hour and 15 minutes.

I could feel the difference. Even my daughter said, “Mama, your swimming looks so much better.” Libby explained to me that what I’d found intimidating was Chrissie’s clearly “no nonsense” focus on the workout. From now on, I will REALLY look forward to those days when she is on deck!

After the swim, Libby came back to the house and we ate lunch together and got caught up on her life, etc. I’m very proud of my girl — I don’t always agree with her decisions, but she owns them. She makes me very happy.


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