Perfect Sunday

Man, Sunday was just a perfect day.

3M Half Marathon with a Friend

For starters, my good friend Stephanie ran her first ever half marathon and exceeded her expectations. I ran with her as support, like we’ve been doing every Thursday since October. I love, love, love being a part of the “first time” running stuff. While I wasn’t actually coaching Steph, I was doing a lot of mentoring; she put together a race plan which, in my opinion, was quite conservative–she simply wouldn’t believe me when I told her she’d run 3M much faster than she thought. Her first goal was simply to finish, and her ultimate dream goal was to finish in 2:30.

She ran a perfect race. Negative splits (even with a 3-something minutes of bathroom stop in the second half) and had a kick for the finish chute for a time of 2:29. The look on her face was simply priceless. It made me soooooo very happy to be a part of her great day!

Time at the New House

After the race, my friends dropped me off at the new house, where hubby and boy child were building a new gate and fence. I swept, hauled carpet, cleaned up wood, and shopped. We ate lunch on the concrete table out in the front yard in the sunshine. My son made my day when he said, “Mom, I like this house; I can see me coming to visit you when I’m older and sitting in the backyard with little kids running around, playing.” Awwww…’course I don’t know where those little kids are coming from anytime soon unless they sell them at H-E-B….

Back to our current house for a shower and packing up the rest of the stuff I needed; you see, I was having my neighborhood friends’ book group over to the new place for a light dinner and discussion over Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, and 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen. It was a lovely evening, even if Julia Child’s Leek and Potato Soup was not all I’d hoped it would be.

Wine, conversation, laughter…and my little house was lovely.

I am a lucky woman.

Week 3 IM Training Totals

swim    1:30
bike       2:45*  due to general soreness, Coach gave me Friday off which meant I missed a bike ride I’d usually have
run         4:19
total        8:34

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