Head Games

Hmmm…this weekend was interesting. Everything was very good (bike ride on Saturday, followed by short run, and long run Sunday with a palate-cleansing dunk in Barton Springs afterwards) but my head wasn’t in a good place today. It made the run a struggle and cast a negative light on everything. When I get in that kind of funk, the self-bashing is pretty intense and very nasty. I say things to myself that I would never, ever say to anyone else. It’s quite a malignant spew.

I think the biggest stuggle for me with the Ironman will be in learning to set aside self criticism. I have to learn how to dig myself out of that big, black hole I fall into sometimes. My friend can’t always be around to help me out; what if I’m all alone at mile 6 of the marathon run portion? I’ll have 20 miles ahead of me and I’ll have to get my shit together on my own.

Week 4: IM Training Totals

Swim     1:50
Bike       2:45
Run       3:50



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