NYC Marathon Registration

Woot! Just signed up for my guaranteed entry to the NYC Marathon for 2008.

I got in for 2007 but deferred since my buds didn’t. I am very excited; the last time I ran a road marathon for time was back in ’04 I believe. (Note:  I don’t consider pacing the same. Yes, I was running those marathons for a time, but it wasn’t my time per se. In other words, I haven’t chosen a time goal for myself and made it a training focus since a string of three bad marathons in a row knocked me off that horse.)

The variation in training –trails, triathlon– has made this something to look forward to again.

Don’t you love that?


2 thoughts on “NYC Marathon Registration

    1. my bad

      Oops. My entry was misleading. I simply got accepted in the lottery last year but opted to wait until this year. It is very flattering that you didn’t blanch at the thought that I might have actually gotten a guaranteed spot via time qualifying. Yet another charming aspect of whyiron!

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