Little Things Make Me Happy

I’m a pretty simple person and it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Things like

  • getting my wet suit bottoms on exactly right for the first time (hey, swimming feels better when the crotch is where it’s supposed to be!);
  • having so many red checks showing “workouts done” that I have to switch to a different pen to keep it from bleeding through;
  • getting registered for several different bike rides over the next month or so;
  • staying in my jammies and making a dent in the mountain of laundry that accumulated over the last week;
  • successfully wrapping up two whole months of Ironman training!

Week 8: IM Training Totals

Swim     2:00
Bike       4:00
Run        2:36
Total       8:36

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Published by Leah Nyfeler

I'm a writer, editor, runner, and adventurer who is always looking for the next new story, exciting adventure, and good meal/book/movie. My focus is on helping people find their best, healthiest self through sharing what I know and how I've come to learn it. In addition to my blog "Enjoying the Journey: Observations on the Fit Life" at, my articles have appeared in a variety of print and online magazines. You can hear me as part of the 2015 Austin cast of Listen To Your Mother.

0 thoughts on “Little Things Make Me Happy

    1. Let\’s see:

      Spurs \’n Spokes for this weekend (44 miles), Cycle La Grange (55) for next weekend (these are actually signed up for) and Pedal Power (62 miles-April 5) and Armadillo Hill Country Classic (105–the big century!!–May 10), which I am debating on whether to send in my money now or hold onto it for a bit longer. I should send it in but I tend to be 1) cheap and 2) a procrastinator. lol

      I\’m doing PlayTri(April 13) and I am signed up for that.

      Hope to see you at some of these!!

      1. I\’m still debating Spokes\’n\’Spurs. I did it a couple years ago, and I\’m not sure I want to drive that far for a ride this weekend. We\’ll see. Considering Pedal Power. And it looks like we\’ll be doing Armadillo, though the whole 105 thing scares me. 🙂 We\’re also doing Rosedale, and probably doing the Rookie Tri and The Maze. And CapTex. I should just have my paycheck sent directly to

  1. For the record

    \”swimming feels better when the crotch is where it\’s supposed to be!)\”

    For the record, that\’s true for more than just swimming 😀

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