Tuesday Shift

We’ve had a little shift in schedule the last two weeks, and two Tuesdays have kicked my tush. I don’t really know what it is, because the amount of workout time isn’t really that different.

Before, we would strength train, swim, and have either a short easy run or a bike ride. Now, we have Trainer Tuesday instead of the run or easy ride (there is easy riding in there along with drills in the middle). Granted, the trainer ride is longer than the easier previous rides had been. And I know I am working a little harder on the swim. And I did add a new core exercise to the strength training. And I have to separate the two workouts (strength training and swim together in the morning and trainer later in the day).

And…and…and…I guess all those little “ands” add up. I’m tired.

It was hard to make it through to soccer pickup at 9:30PM.


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