I was up late last night and didn’t get a lot of sleep. Went to swimming and did my weights, then worked the dog out for an hour. Came home and thought, “Man, I am really tired. I’ll just put my head down for 15 minutes before I do my ride.” Uh…I slept the afternoon away. I couldn’t believe it. I’m getting ready to go to bed here in a minute because I am STILL tired.

I think the problem is the longer Saturday rides followed by the longer Sunday run and swim, then packing everything that didn’t get done over the weekend into my “free” day on Monday.

Folks at home are going to have to pull more weight, and I am going to have to learn that it can’t be go-go-go on Monday. As I’ve already mentioned, Tuesdays seem to kick my butt even when I’m rested.

I need a triathlete tip:  how do you combat the incredible farmer’s tan (or builder’s tan, as an English friend called it) that you get from all the sun exposure in bike shorts and jerseys? It’s only APRIL and I already look like I’ve left on some white granny underwear and a teeshirt when I’m in my altogether. I do sunscreen but I tan even so.


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