My Watch Just Died

My Timex Ironman watch just gave up the ghost in the most irritating way…it is emitting a high-pitched, constant whine. I am considering hitting it with a rock to make it shut up.

It’s funny how the weekend just catches up with me. Yesterday about 2-3:00PM, I literally crashed. Too tired to do anything; too tired to even sleep. I couldn’t nap. I was brain dead. I cancelled the thing I had in the evening in the hopes that I could get to bed early. Nope–couldn’t go to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling less than refreshed.

Descending Run Splits

It was a chore going over to the quality workout, as my body and mind were dragging. We were doing mile repeats over at Zilker. The deal was to make the times descending, which means sandbagging the first one is crucial. I thought I did a pretty good job of that; my first mile was 9:03 and I felt good. I was especially surprised at how good I felt coming up the little hill, as I hadn’t done that in a while. That was a pleasant realization.

The second mile turned out to be 9:02. Hmmm…this gave me pause, as I thought I was knocking a bunch of time off. I focused on the third one, trying to pick it up where I knew I had a tendency to just kind of coast, pushed the downhill more, and did my best to tear it up coming into the finish. With all of that, I added 10 seconds…9:12. I was actually shocked when I looked at my watch.

Refreshing Swim

We had an easy swim over at Barton Springs afterwards and that was pleasant. I realized I was tired, so it was nice to go easy and draft off one another, dodging folks doing cannonballs off the board and a variety of swimmers. It makes your body feel so good after a run. It will make much more sense for us to go early and do the swim first, but I love the feeling of the cold water after the hot workout.

Bike Adjustments

I went to pick up my bike from her tune-up and Nelo talked to me about my chain ring. He pointed out that I wasn’t using my smallest three cogs (based on how clean they were) and suggested that I change the size of my big ring from 52 to 50.

We talked about this at length; he said I would do better because I would get usage out of all my gears. My concern was would this affect my hill climbing, as I have a hilly Ironman coming up. He convinced me to try it and said if I’m not happy, we could change back. There is so much I don’t understand about the bike but I trust Nelo…we’ll see how my intervals go tomorrow.

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0 thoughts on “My Watch Just Died

  1. How has the 50 worked out for you? I would think that one that small would hurt your top-end (downhill) speed, but if you normally coast those anyway it wouldn\’t be much bother.

    1. It was a good move

      I think the 50 has worked out well. I was coasting down any hill of size, and now I can keep some leg turn-over. Also, I do think I am utilizing all of my gears, which makes me feel like I have so many more options. I\’m able to stay in my big ring and small(er) cog lots and lots now (especially when I\’m aero), whereas I almost never did before.

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