Are We There Yet?

I forgot to post my totals for last week (Week 21) and here I am at the end of Week 22 already.

This was a LONG training stretch. Because of graduation, my off day was a week ago Saturday, not my usual (and beloved) Monday. This threw my numbers off a bit and also meant that, in the stretch from Sunday to Sunday, I had both my long runs and both my long rides without rest in between. Oh, Coach Amy cut me some slack on Tuesday with only a swim but it felt like workout after workout after workout.

My legs really let me know today during my long run. Just tired. And hot.

So I can look at my training totals one of two ways: breaking it down by the week as I normally would, or taking the off-day (Saturday) as the end of the week.

Here’s what the numbers look like maintaining my normal week pattern, meaning that I go from Sunday to Monday as one week.

Week 21: Ironman Training Totals

swim     3:25
bike       8:54
run        4:18
total     16:37

Week 22: Ironman Training Totals

swim      3:00

bike       6:33

run         3:45


total      13:18

Now, the second way is the way it FELT to me…Week 21 is from Sunday to Friday, and Week 22 spans from Sunday to Sunday

Week 21                           Week 22
swim     2:17                     swim    3:49
bike       3:00                     bike    12:27
run         1:00                     run       7:03
————–           —————–
total      6:17                       total   23:09

It’s two weeks of working out to the tune of 29+ hours, no matter how you slice it.*

*Yes, I know there is some discrepancy between the totals somewhere to the tune of 29 minutes I think, but my brain is just too tired to look at these numbers anymore…and math was never my strong suit to begin with …and you get the idea….

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