Calm before the Ironman Storm

Today has already been a good day. I took off from the house to do my short run this morning; I went over to Shoal Creek where it’s nice and flat, had a lovely little jaunt, and then stopped by Nelo’s to pick up a couple of miscellaneous things I needed. It was so nice.

Nelo was the only one in the store and he spent quite a lot of time talking to me about my bike strategy. He had some great thoughts. I appreciate how much time he spends with me and the advice he has given. All of it has been a huge benefit to me. And he has no idea if I’m a “fast” cyclist or not. He told me I will “ride like an eagle.” Awwwww.

All of my race gear is packed in my carry on (with the exception of my bike helmet, which will go in the big checked bag and hopefully ride home on TriBike Transport on the way back). I need to pack my regular clothes stuff but have no real interest in that.

We leave for the airport early tomorrow morning. It’s now just a matter of putting the house stuff in order, getting everybody packed, and moving out the door.

I’m pretty zen right now. I feel rested and ready to go. My family has been super nice the last few days.

Birthing an Ironman Finish

I have to say…this is all kind of like having a baby. For months, I’ve anticipated, prepared, endured discomfort, found emotional highs and lows, and looked forward to June 22 with a somewhat obsessive focus. My bag is packed. I’m headed out. I KNOW this thing is going to happen, yet it all seems kind of like a dream.

I’m sure once we get to Coeur d’Alene, it will be as though the giant machinery of the event takes over and, before I know it, it will be dawn on Monday morning.

And I will be an Ironman.

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0 thoughts on “Calm before the Ironman Storm

  1. So proud and excited for you

    Leah –
    I\’m so proud and can\’t wait to hear about the race. If you find you need a burst of energy, might I suggest that you think about busting up chiffarobes? Works for me.

    Here\’s to the wind being at your back.


  2. Calm before the storm

    \”My family has been super nice the last few days\”

    Only five more days of being nice before we can go back to being your regular family. We can\’t wait!!!!

  3. May I suggest

    spare socks for T2. If you\’re willing to spare the extra 1 or 2 minutes to replace your socks, they really can brighten your day 😀

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