What to Write?

I haven’t felt much like putting anything up on the blog lately. Don’t know why, just have had no desire. Plenty of stuff going on–maybe that’s the problem, that there’s too much stuff to write about and it’s hard to pick and choose.

Here are some verbal snapshots of what’s been going on with me:

  • I am having some workout successes. Last Wednesday, I had a 2-mile time trial. I was expecting very little. It was a great feeling to exceed my expectations and do well–17:49. And I know I have better in me! I was very proud.
  • Yesterday, I saw a snake in the front yard, the first one I’d spotted all summer. I like snakes; I think seeing them is like a little nature gift, because all of a sudden, they’re just there. This guy was very pretty, about 18 inches long, one of those striped garter snakes. Right in front of my eyes, he turned and completely disappeared. Very cool.
  • Over the weekend, we saw our daughter who’s studying at Stephen F. Austin. She looked so very, very happy. She already has a good friend in band, and it was fun to watch them dance and goof around in the stands. The show was a tribute to Michael Jackson, and they all did the “Thriller” walk. It was fun. The football was actually horrific–I think TCU scored 10 times as many points as did SFA. Well, we weren’t there for the football.
  • I got new bookcases for the house. It’s nice to get some stuff put away and the place looking good.
  • Last Friday, we got to go to a friend’s house for his little girl’s birthday. It was so relaxing, sitting out in the front yard with a beer and the grill smoking, a passel of kids (some nekkid, some not) running around. I love to do that kind of stuff, and we don’t seem to do nearly as much of it as I’d like.
  • A friend of the hubby’s, who has become a virtual friend of mine, did his first Ironman in Wisconsin over the weekend. We watched the finish line, and we got to see him finish. There is really nothing like Ironman for human drama.
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