Grappling with Hard Decisions

I came to two hard decisions today.

Decision #1

The big tree must go at the French Place house. The cracks have widened, it’ll come down eventually (probably where we wouldn’t want it to come down), and so I need to say the words, “take the tree out,” and pay the exorbitant amount of money to have it removed.

Decision #2

I will not do the Longhorn Half Ironman.

I had thought that I would do it for fun and as a paid training day, but the truth is I haven’t done the workouts necessary for me to not stress about it. Had I ridden the course a couple weeks back when I intended to, I think I would go ahead and do it. But we’ll be out of town next weekend, and to date, I simply haven’t ridden the miles I should’ve ridden, nor have I swum the swims I should have.

And honestly, I look at those things right now as very unpleasant chores, whereas I am eager to run and excited to do those workouts. There’s no point in me obsessing over the next two weeks and pushing myself through the race. I have too much respect for the event to just go out and do a piss-poor job.

Missing the race will be my first ever DNS (“Did Not Show”), which pains me greatly.

While both of these decisions are right and necessary, they sure put me in a shitty mood.

I am not happy about either one.

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0 thoughts on “Grappling with Hard Decisions

  1. I put my name on the volunteer list, I\’ve ridden the course 10x this year, but still don\’t think I\’ve done the training to have a good race. So, I for one respect your decision, more people need to treat half IM distance races for what they are, hard, rather than just assuming its ok to finish in 7.5/8-hours. Thats just not fair to volunteers etc.

    Volunteering will be great fun as long as its not boiling hot, come on down!

    1. I can\’t let it slide

      \”Piss-poor\” is all relative, and I was referring to quality of work as relates to me alone. For the record, I want it to be clear that I did not intend for any time to relegated as such, nor did I want to offend any athlete who has worked hard to achieve a time of 7.5/8 hours for a half IM. My problem is, unlike those folks, I haven\’t worked hard.

      If I\’m out there volunteering (which I think I will be), I\’m out there for everybody, fast through slow, for the time the course is open or my duty calls for. No judgements, just support.

      Rock on, folks!

      1. Re: I can\’t let it slide

        That was ever-so-much nicer and more eloquent than what I was going to say. Thank you, Leah. And a-freakin\’-men. We should be encouraging people to try things they don\’t necessarily excel at. If you\’re too elitist to want slower people there, work within the system to lower the time limits and exclude the slow people. Good luck coming up with the magic time cut-off for \”too slow\”.

      2. Re: I can\’t let it slide

        Woah, thats a bit much. I never said anything about \”too slow\” or being elitist.

        No one could accuse me of not being inclusive and being elitist, you barely know me except from my posts here. I\’ve started and worked with hundreds of beginners over my 9-years in triathlon, sure anyone can sign-up and show-up, many do at every race. I was President of the 4-biggest UK club for 3-years, and won the British Triathlon volunteer of the year in 2003.

        Sure triathlons are lifetime changing events for many, but for many they are not, they are just a tick-in the box and move on, while you may have been part of a training group and given up significant time to train, an increasing number are not. Thats fine while races are easy to get into, cheap and plentiful.

        My comment was just to commend an experienced triathlete for making a rational decision, all I said was that HIM should be treated as hard, and due respect to @leahruns for not just turning up anyway!

      3. Re: I can\’t let it slide

        Ahh yes, thank you Leah and well said! I have been one of those that trained and respected the distance and still came in close to the end of Longhorn last year!

        I too will be volunteering this year and will stick around to see ALL late finishers!

      4. Re: I can\’t let it slide

        Ditto, well said. What a crock o\’ crap. Trained or untrained as long as you are out there and finish within the presribed time frame it is awesome. And by time frame I mean the cut-off times and not someone\’s elitist idea of how long one should be out there.

        Rock on mama!

      5. Re: I can\’t let it slide

        I never said \”piss poor\” and am all for being all inclusive. I\’ll be out there for as long as it takes, and have already volunteered at 3x IM races including been out there until past the 17-hour cut-off at both IMH and IMFL, hence I know that way too many people just think its ok to NOT do enough training because they CAN walk and even REST if they need and still make the cut-off.

        Everyone has a bad race day, things go wrong, and thats what cut-offs are for. IM and HIM are not for the leisure industry to sell like 5k and if thats what the new IM brand owners are going to do, better get ready for race prices to sky rocket and for it to become even harder to get a place.

  2. I\’m leaning towards the first ever DNS camp too. I\’m not going to have enough fitness to make it even a productive training day, and it will mean taking at least one day off from pedicabbing, losing more money beyond the registration fee. If I DNS, I definitely will volunteer though- I can do that on a couple hours of sleep after pedicabbing!

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