Oh, What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday, I consulted again with the doc and Coach Meredith (also my nutritionist).

The doc said numbers did not explain my fatigue though this didn’t rule out some kind of virus (a la Epstein-Barr, which we are testing for just to see). Her recommendation was a hefty multivitamin with all the B-complex vitamins and LOTS of rest for two more weeks (we also adjusted my thyroid medication, but that’s a different more complicated topic).

When I talked to Coach Meredith, she echoed this advice and gave me some specific recommendations on vitamins, lots of support, and various personal anecdotes that helped a lot with the mental game. She also suggested I try a shot of lemongrass (or was it wheatgrass? I’ve forgotten now, though I got the shot at Whole Foods yesterday when I picked up my vitamins). The icing on the proverbial cake was a conversation with my sister-separated-at-birth, Cathy.

Today was the first morning in two weeks where I woke up, happy to face the day. My energy is improved; I haven’t wanted to go right back to bed. I actually felt like I’d rested.

So for this weekend, I will focus on continuing to rest–not to assume that the minute I feel better I should be back to normal and running around at top speed. I’m going to watch football on TV and hang out at home, sleeping whenever I feel like it even if that means missing some stuff or being asleep most of the day.

And I feel very positive…again, the first time in two weeks.

I believe that you can’t get where you are without having been where you were.

Oh, I realize that sounds very obvious and somewhat dumb. But what I mean is that I strongly feel that things that have occurred have to have happened for me to take advantage of what I need, so that even “bad” things have their positives.

I think that this bout with fatigue and feeling bad is an important catalyst for some changes in the way I’m approaching my running. I’m excited to look at the next few months (or year) as time to build up my body, improve my systems, and work on my form all while having fun running.

No training goals other than to be well and happy.

Today is a good day!

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0 thoughts on “Oh, What a Difference a Day Makes!

  1. You my sista! Soul-sista!
    Glad you\’re feeling better. I slept till 7:30AM, coffee with hubby and then nothing but household stuff and trying to figure out what I\’m going to get my out-of-shape ass into tonight. Srsly, stop the madness crabby.
    Enjoy your weekend, I am!

  2. Good to hear that things seem to be coming together for you. I read the last paragraph of your post a couple of times, very thought provoking. I thought there might be some wisdom in there for me dealing with my knee. Feeling bad does make us reflect on just what the heck we are doing and why. I was just saying the other day that running is not the same when it is not fun (knee pain is not fun). It is even worse when you beat your self up about it all the while. You seem to be taking a healthy approach – maybe your good Karma will rub off on me. Rest up & have fun at crewing at Arizona IM (I have a feeling this is going to be just the inspiring, fun event that you need to get that feeling again).

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