Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

So I’ve been feeling lots better since we went back to the old thyroid meds. Tuesday was a really, really good day as was most of the preceding week. And then my system totally crashed.

Wednesday and Thursday were horrible. Barely enough energy to get through the day.

Wednesday, I did no exercise whatsoever and could not focus enough to complete tasks. It was early to bed by 9PM and a full night of sleep…except for the parts where I woke up off and on. Yesterday, I did a very easy 4-mile run, broken into two 2-mile segments separated by the press conference at city hall on the Engine 2 Diet. The conference was tons of fun and interesting, and you’d think a very easy 2 miles at 10:45 pace with about an hour inbetween would not be taxing. Wrong.

That afternoon, I laid down and practically passed out for a 3-hour nap. Woke up in a fog, unable to focus, unable to complete tasks. Horrible night of sleep, waking at 4:30AM and then just tossing and resting until I couldn’t take it any more around 5ish.

I feel exhausted. Hubby informs me he can’t walk the dog, and I don’t even feel like I have the energy to do that.

I don’t understand the big up and then the big down. The endocrinologist wanted me to come back in two months, but I can’t live with this for that long. I think the down feels worse because I have the up days.

I’m going to call today and see what they say.


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