Starting a New Page

15 identical running logs from Runners World spread out
Gotta have the same Runners World Training Log every year..and there are currently 15 of these in my special box.

I’ve kept a log pretty religiously over the years. Always on paper, always in the same Runner’s World Training Diary. I write down the workouts, weather, how  I felt, sometimes my weight, and various other details. I have 10 of these.

It is so much fun to go back through my logs and look at the different years and remember what I was doing and who I was running with. They have photos and race reports and all kinds of momentos crammed in the pages. A list of races–my next race will be #133 (I’ve really slowed my racing down in the last few years).

Diary #10 ended with all those down days coming off NYC. Lots of notes about what I couldn’t do, how bad I felt, what the doctor said, lots of days of nothing. I moved to a notebook I kept in the kitchen because I was keeping a detailed log of what I ate, which medications I was taking, my moods, my energy level, and whatnot. It just didn’t translate well to my running log, even though I was writing down whatever exercise I could do. Honestly, those entries were often quite depressing.

After yesterday’s run, it seemed best to close that issue–even though there were blank pages left–and begin anew. Diary #10 will end in December, with a short write up of what was going on from November to December, and then I’ll include all of 2009 in #11. Again, I’ll do a write up of what went on from January through April, which includes good things like Zooma and getting my thyroid medication worked out, and start back up with May ’09. It’ll start on the upswing!

I went to St. Ed’s yesterday and did my run from the parking lot through Forest Ridge to the street at Jester and back. 51 minutes of running; 26:11 up and 24:53 down. Slow and steady but running all the way. I can tell I’m still healing because the run down was not much faster than the way up, and usually I can knock off 3-4 minutes off my up time. I looooove to run downhill!  But I’m on course; my schedule has me for 40 minute trail runs this week. I like the “no pressure” everyday runs that I’m doing to slowly build back up.

This morning, I’ll get my run in with the TriZones team. Today’s workout is a splash-n-dash out at Decker Lake. I’ll be working the swim but there’s no reason why I can’t run with the crew when they hit the Danskin run course.  It’ll be fun!


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