If Some Days Are Better Than Others,

then, clearly, some days are worse than others. We just usually put the emphasis the first way, on the better days.

Today is one of the not-better days.

There’s a certain balance to life. When that gets thrown out of whack, things go to crap for me. I go back and forth between inertia (feeling stuck and unable to change the things that bring me unhappiness) and the desire to drastically change things, like clear everything out of a room and chuck it.

My tendency is to always blame myself for things that get out of balance. It’s something that I was taught growing up, that I was aways the problem. Even though I know the imbalances I’m reflecting on today are not my fault (and even perhaps happened in spite of me),  it’s hard to stop the negative voice.

I’m trying to get back to my Ironman mode by using Coach Amy’s code word to change my thought process: “Pringles!”

Pringles, indeed.



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