Back in the Saddle: Pflugerville Ride

Today I met the TriZones folks for a ride out from Lake Pflugerville.  It was a good time and being on the bike is really the way to beat the heat.

I was going to compare how I did out there today to where I was a year ago, when we (the hubby, Coeur d’Claire, and I) did the Pflugerville routes alot as CdC got ready for Worlds (we went there because it’s flat and windy, somewhat like Holland).  So I got really miffed when my bike computer picked this morning as the moment for the battery to flake out.  Ah, well–just riding for fun.

A group of 6 of us did the 29-mile distance, and the directions took us clockwise instead of the counterclockwise direction I’ve always done the loop.  That was interesting and I liked that it took us down busy Weiss Lane first.  It was fun seeing it "backwards."  I thoroughly enjoyed riding and chatting with Mac (Mack?, Susan’s nickname) who I’d gotten to know a little during the open water swims, as we both tended to do water support.  There was a fair amount of waiting to make sure everyone made turns, as not everyone had directions.  Mac and I made a good leader team, as she has great spacial and map retention skills, and I had the written turns in hand.  I did a lot of waiting and then riding fast up through the line to get back in front, which was fun. 

Nice, quick 2-hour ride and I was back home early, showered, and cool.  Ahhhhhhh.  Priceless.

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