Reentry Into the Real World

We’re back from the Greece trip. It’s hard to resume the routine; I gave myself yesterday to walk around in a jet-lagged fog, do laundry, and generally return to normal. Today, I have things to do and I’ll go to the HCTR’s club run tonight, my first run since two weeks ago. Ouch.

Hiking in Greece
We went on an REI hiking trip through Greece, going to several islands and hiking (and eating) all along the way. Photo Credit: James Nyfeler

We did walk/hike on the trip but it was not very strenuous (there were lots of times I didn’t break a sweat or even breathe hard) but at least we were moving and out in the heat. That hopefully will conterbalance some of the championship level eating I did.

This makes me feel behind on my running. Between going to Port Aransas, the trip to Greece, and my upcoming conference in Dallas, I will have missed some pretty crucial running time towards getting ready for Palo Duro Canyon 50K. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me so much except that I am coming from my weakest base ever — all that time off not being well, from November through the first of March, when I couldn’t run at all or could only do a few miles.

I think this is going to be a lesson in letting go. I tend to have a lot of preconceived notions about where I need to be when, and I tend to be one who over-prepares.

Palo Duro is going to be a lesson in what I can do when I haven’t done everything possible.

Does that make sense?


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