How Do You Know Something’s Wrong?

I’m going back to the endocrinologist next week for my follow-up on my thyroid medicines. Got my blood work done Monday in preparation.

Last week, I felt pretty run-down. My legs were dead tree trunks halfway through my long run on Saturday; Sunday’s run with Hill Country Trail Runners was more of a struggle than it should’ve been. I chalked both of those things up to a longer-than-usual Wednesday night run and lack of sufficient recovery. As a result, I made sure to take Monday off…and I was still tired Tuesday, so I slept in and missed the Walnut Creek run, opting to go easy and short on my own later that morning. I only ran 45 minutes and at a very comfortable pace.

Got to bed and actually slept all through last night (yipee! that’s been a rare occasion these last weeks), so you’d think I’d feel rarin’ to go today–especially since I love the Wednesday night run. But here I am, feeling run down again.

I can’t focus. I’m retaining water like a dry sponge. I keep wanting to eat, like eating the “right” thing will give me energy. And I want to go back to bed.

All of those things sound like overtraining…but I’m not.

All of those things could be a reaction to the heat, which is not my friend and I firmly believe has a cumulative effect.

And it could be that something about what I’m doing has thrown my thyroid dosage off. I have picked up the pace on some non-running activities, and we do have the stresses of getting kids back in school. Maybe I just need a real true down week…I just don’t feel like I have time to spare. On the other hand, as my beloved coach Andreas used to say, “Every day back too soon is another 5 days off down the road.”

I’ll see how tonight goes.


One thought on “How Do You Know Something’s Wrong?

  1. Heat

    We are all dragging in this heat. The road hill run that used to take me 1:45 took close to 2 hours last night. I really felt tired after the run too. Keep plugging away – hopefully it will pass soon. Don’t let a string of bad runs get in your head… (easier said than done – right).

    Hope you had a good run out at Bastrop last weekend! See you soon!

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