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My son had his final meet of his first high school cross country season today.

I’d worried all season long that my intense interest in his running might translate as pushiness. We talked one time, and I tried to explain that it was the first sport he and I had shared that I truly UNDERSTOOD and got the accomplishments. Shoot, I’m still learning the rules on soccer and I’ve never actually played a game; yeah, I swim but I never did swim team and meets…but I know running.

I have done track workouts, run 5Ks, set goals/met goals/failed to meet goals, thrown up in a workout, and so forth. I tried to explain that I was so proud of him just for being out there, regardless of his times. The fact that he toed the start line and gave it his all was everything I could’ve ever asked for.

Just watching him run makes my heart sing.

Today meant a lot to him; I know this, because my boy shaved his legs in preparation. He is quite blessed in the leg hair department, and his soccer buds are going to give him total shit for this — but the XC team (well, most of the team) was doing this and by God, he was too. He’d set himself an ambitious goal for the season, and it all came down to today as to whether or not he’d achieve it. Now, this goal was personal; he’s a midpacker as far as boy’s varsity cross country goes, so it wasn’t anything grandiose, like going to regionals. But it was his goal and important to him.

Today was beautiful. He ran well and finished amazingly strong with a beautiful kick into the finish. And best of all, he made his goal — under 19:00 for a 5K (18:54). I know how much that means, to end a season on a successful note.  I am so proud of him!

And a special thanks to my good friend Cathy for sharing the moment with me and the hubby.  You just may have been the difference on those 6 seconds!

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