This ‘n That (Training and Trail Runs)

Yesterday was a really great day, ending up with friends and celebrating the holidays. Today, however…not so great. I think a lot of emotional baggage that’s been simmering has been brought to the forefront; it’s like once the dam is breached, the water can’t go back. I found myself wanting to avoid some people situations, just needing some space to work through all the stuff that is hitting hard.

Trail Running at Bastrop State Park

I had a very nice run out at Bastrop yesterday. Several things made it nice.

  • It was my first long run since before the Thanksgiving vacation (I don’t count the Sunday night 10–mile hilly run as a long run), and I was rarin’ to go.
  • The weather was perfect: cool and overcast.
  • I had company for the first loop (thanks, Charlene).
  • I did two of the big loops, the purple and the red trails combined, for 18+ miles.

My group was supposed to do 25, so I am not all that far behind. What will happen is they will fall back to 15 next week and I’ll go ahead and get my 25 miles in.

I think if I’m careful, continue doing my exercises as instructed, cut the amount of running days but up the amount of cycling, and am judicious in my choice of trail work, I should be okay for the 50K at Bandera. Now, I realize that I may have to opt to run Bandera easy as opposed to pushing hard, so I’ll just need to treat it as a final long run before Rocky as opposed to going for a new course PR. This small setback has just made me refocus on my primary goal, which is to successfully complete the 50 Miler.

Injury Recovery

My back was achey and a bit sore today, but not painfully so. The exercises I’m supposed to do helped with that. I meant to cycle today but just couldn’t get around to it — the will was not there. I hope to be able to squeeze in a spin class tomorrow, but I’m not sure I’m going to get the time.

Working Out Around the Family Schedule

I’ve got another trip to Nacogdoches in the cards for this week. My girl will either be able to come home Thursday or Friday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for going early Thursday and being home before evening. Our 26th wedding anniversary is Thursday and we have a fun party to go to Friday, and I’d hate to spend either evening on the road.

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