Cleared to Fly

I went for my last Airrosti treatment today; Brian told me I was “cleared to fly.” I don’t need to go back unless something comes up. I don’t need to see Dr. Hutchens again. Kelley gave me some more exercises to do at home, but that’s it.

So pain is to be my guide. Yesterday’s spin class, which I did for the first time in a while without any modification, told me that fast is painful; I can mash and climb and do slow strength stuff ’til the cows come home–the loop at Rocky Raccoon emphasized this. But a fast and intense sprint makes me hurt. Not horribly hurt but achey…probably more like how I felt months ago, when I first noticed that I had “a little something” going on with my “hip.” Brian says that means I am still healing. Of course, I asked how long I’d be healing and he gave me the “everybody’s different” response and reinforced that I would just need to monitor myself and make wise choices.

I’m very happy with all this and really not impatient with it at all. I’ll keep on my exercises and keep working the slow and comfortable. This will help me build a great aerobic base before the spring, when I can do some short, fast tris (like Danskin, for a change) and shorter, faster trail runs (the relay at Pocatello). It will all work out for the best.

I’ve seen a couple of the pounds I put on over the holidays while I wasn’t running come back off in these two weeks, and I’m going to work hard to lose the others (and a few more) while I’m not doing any particularly heavy workouts.

Next up to the plate is the Post Oak Lodge Trail Marathon in Tulsa on February 26. I am going to treat myself by running a marathon in a state I’ve never run in. If I’m DFL, who cares? Four weeks ago, I would’ve given anything to just be able to run. I’m going to enjoy every minute I’m out there.

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0 thoughts on “Cleared to Fly

  1. Sheeeees Baaaack!!!

    I am so happy to hear this great news!

    BTW: I am totally in for some of the event rides that you are thinking about, so keep me in the loop.

    Post Oak Lodge Trail Marathon … Why Tulsa? How about the Nueces Trail 10k … they might have a half – I know there is a marathon. Check it out on Tejas Trails. It looks like a fun weekend, and I would love to see you out there.

    1. Re: Sheeeees Baaaack!!!

      i will take a look at Nueces Trail. I\’m doing the run in OK because my good friend Claire put it out back in October, I think; her sister lives up there, and she was going. I signed up for it, thinking it would be a nice post-50 mile recovery run. lol. well, it will be a nice \”welcome back\” run!

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