So Many Social Engagements; So Little Time

Actually, what I mean is…so many training opportunities, so little time…but training and social engagements are pretty much one and the same to me, so the line from Raising Arizona works.

Trail Running & Coaching

In May, I’m going to do a trail race (Pocatella 50 miler) as part of a 3-man relay. That is going to be a lovely opportunity for working speed on the trail. I’m training with friends, one of whom is not in a formal training group–she and I are going to work together to get ready independently. The other folks are all either doing individual coaching or a paid group but we’d like to coordinate every now and then in preparation for our team work.

I’m also going to be working on TriZone’s Tri a Trail program, which is a way to introduce triathletes to trail running and help them incorporate it into their “bag of tricks” for training options. That means weekend runs to lead.

There are also Hill Country Trail Runners club runs during the week and on the weekends that I enjoy attending. My hubby is focusing on biking, and I’d like to join him (and give myself a very nice biking base for whatever may come, as I need time in the saddle to be a stronger rider). My son wants to do his first triathlon and will need some guidance, and I want to help and do some of those sprint-distance tris with him. And I have friends that I meet with during the week to run/walk/talk on a regular basis.

How do I fit it all in, have fun, and accomplish all my training goals?!?

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