Things Happen for a Reason

As I pack for this weekend’s Rocky Raccoon 100 miler (my first!) in Huntsville, I have to reflect on how so many things which, at the time, seemed to be wrong have been right.

Had it not been for my experience at Pocatello, I would not have
*my two fantastic Marmot jackets and two pairs of good gloves
*knowledge of just what cold weather can do
*running experience in sleet and snow
*realized I should ALWAYS have a plastic poncho in my pack
*learned that, when the race directors call a race, get the hell outta there

Had I not procrastinated on signing up for the 50 miler at Rocky Raccoon, I would not have
*run the 100K at Bandera this year
*learned what it feels like to run all night in a race
*practiced with a pacer
*set a course PR for the 50K

Had I not run in the cold and rain after midnight at Bandera, I would not have
*learned EVERYTHING goes in plastic bags (no matter how “water-proof” my drop bag is supposed to be)
*discovered what I need to do to stay warm in wet conditions
*found out that I’m really pretty tough
*practiced minimizing aid station times when I’m tired and cold
*put my 1000mile nutrition plan to the test

Had I not torn my hamstring and missed running the Rocky Raccoon 50 miler last year, I wouldn’t  have
*valuable pacing experience for estimating timing my own 60–80 mile effort
*taken it easy and worked road speed with the Gazelles
*built a really solid base over a gradual period of time

Had I not had that big allergic reaction at Post Oak Trail Marathon and 25K, I wouldn’t have
*discovered my food allergies and dealt with them
*worked so hard on my race nutrition
*eliminated all those foods that have a detrimental affect on my physical performance

The biggest plus of all:  if I hadn’t had the trials and tribulations of this last year, I wouldn’t have the mindset that has seen me to a string of successful efforts.  Like at Nike, Dallas White Rock, Wild Hare 50K, and Bandera 100K, I am completely willing to walk off the course should the day not be right. I’m completely at peace with my preparations and trusting that I am smart enough and strong enough to do what it takes to finish or quit (which is usually the harder decision to make). I’m also okay with whether or not Mother Nature cooperates…

What will be will be. And I’m sure it will all be for a good reason.


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2 thoughts on “Things Happen for a Reason

  1. Best of luck Leah!

    I have every confidence in you! You\’re going to have a great experience!!! I\’ll be thinking about you every step of the way! Find strength in all the people who will be cheering you on on Sunday!

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