Today had all the markings of being a good day. We were going to ride bikes with Crabby Cathy but then there was a flat…which got fixed but made us late…but then we all got caught up and found one another…and then there was another flat…so we gave up on the ride.

Afterward, my whole family went out to lunch which was nice (I ate WAY too much). When I’d gotten home, word had gone out through Hill Country Trail Runners that there was a missing trail runner out on the Barton Creek greenbelt. I went to help search–how could I not? It’s what I would want other people to do for me.

Crabby connected me with the search effort, and we looked together. It made me think about life and death and people and nature. And then the runner was found. My heart goes out to his family.

I was going to put my weekly totals for workouts up on Sundays but it just seems so trivial right now.

I’ll do that on Monday.

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  1. i knew rick many years ago. 360 was not so busy of a highway (shopping centers like albertsons, mac grill & la madeline weren\’t built yet) and we ran on the shoulder, like you see so many cyclists now. i lost touch with him over the years, as he moved to trail & ultras, but i have not forgotten him. rest in peace, rick.

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