Monday is Rest Day

I didn’t work out yesterday.  Instead, I spent my free time putting together the jigsaw  puzzle knows as “triathlon training.”  lol  Normally, I enjoying working out schedules.  However, running just has this one piece.  Tri, well, duh, has THREE.  And each piece has it’s own periodization/build/blah blah blah.  The more I read and looked at stuff, the more overwhelmed I got.  I thought I was going to tear my hair out!

Then, I realized I just needed to keep it simple, stupid.  All I’m trying to do is finish, for Pete’s sake, not win the thing.  Focus on the bike and build the bones of the schedule around that.  Drop out the run because that will be easy to plug in when everything else is in place.  Figure I need to work technique mostly at first for the swim and then build endurance.  Huge breath of relief!  THIS I can do.  So I’ve got a bare-bones outline from now until the half IM and Palo Duro Canyon in October.  When I get it prettied up, I will share it with my friends and get input and training buddies, etc.

I can do this.  I can SO do this.

Earlier, I said I would put up a summary of my weekly workouts.  I’m still figuring out how to measure/record everything, so for now it’s a mix of miles and time, though Seebs tells me I need to think of bike in terms of TIME not MILES.  Here’s what I’ve got.

Week of July 1-7, 2007:
swim:    1 hour
bike:      52 miles
run:       4 hours

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  1. You can SO do this. Just don\’t get overwhelmed by the details or by the big event at the end, which is still a million years away.

    If you need to ask questions of anyone who\’s so very recently been where you are, and who majorly overthinks everything (and as a result, oftens ends up an emotional mess), please feel free to ask. 🙂

    I log each of my workouts in a separate journal, just so I can go back and look at details of each workout later if I want, but I also log my times and distances at beginnertriathlete, because then it creates weekly/monthly/yearly totals for me, with no extra effort or calculating on my part.

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