Tell-Tale Laundry

There are no workout clothes in my laundry this week. It is shocking. Usually, I do a load of laundry one day a week that is primarily my workout clothes. I live in my shorts, running bras, etc. But I still have yet to run or workout after NYC.

I’ve been “seriously” running (and by that I mean it’s a daily habit, something I haven’t really been able to live without) for over 10 years. These two weeks are the longest time I have ever not wanted to run. Sure,there have been times when I’ve been sick but that never lasts more than a week. Even recovering from Ironman, I wanted to workout. I felt like putting on my shoes and running…I just didn’t want to work very hard at it; the desire to be working out was there, so much so that I had to MAKE myself take it easy.

Usually after a marathon, I do an easy 20-minute shuffle the next day; I am back to regular running within a week. I’ve always been quick to recover body-wise. While my body has felt good from the day of the marathon, the energy cells have been at 0.

For example, I slept for 9 hours last night, got up this morning and after breakfast, felt like I needed to rest again. WTF? Yesterday, I did a few errands and had to take a nap in the afternoon. I woke up from the nap feeling unrested and went to bed early after a strenous bout of evening TV watching.

I think all of this points to adrenal fatigue. My doc feels my thyroid medication has been off and we’re going to discuss that today. I so hope that we come up with a course of action that makes me feel better SOON. It has been torture (and quite depressing) to look at the beautiful, perfect running days we’ve had lately and feel nothing, no desire to be out on the trails or moving through the streets.

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