Back Home Again

You should come back from a vacation feeling refreshed.  The way you can tell the difference between a vacation and a trip is that you come back from a trip wishing you had time to unwind/destress/relax.  In other words, you still need a vacation.

I need a vacation.  I had a trip.  Sigh.

The trip played havoc with any training I should’ve been doing.  I tried to load the week up front with some of the things I needed to do.  Tuesday, I went to spinning (1 hour) and swam for 35 minutes.  Wednesday, I rode my bike for 31 miles (just shy of 2 hours) and then ran for 20 minutes.  Thursday, I did a track workout (1 hour if you count drills).  Then, the extended family headed off to the beach.  I took long walks (an hour and a half) on the beach with my hubby on both Saturday and Sunday and I actually swam for 30 minutes on Sunday as well (not splashing around, lying on a float, but swimming laps).  Friday was fishing on a boat all day and Monday was driving back.

Usually, I don’t count walks in my workout total.  I mean, most weeks, I walk the dog an hour at least 3x a week (depends on hubby’s schedule, as he likes to walk him when he’s home)in addition to whatever workout I do that day, and I note it in my journal but that’s it.  I don’t think I’ll count the walks as workouts, so this is a pretty light week.

July 8-14, 2007

swim     :35
bike     4:00
run       1:20
Total      5: 55


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