Flip Side

Remember how my last spin class was worthless and a dud? Today made up for it.

I went to the Twin Lakes YMCA in Cedar Park and had the most awesome spin instructor. I haven’t sweated like that in ages. He really pushed me to work harder (lately,  I seem to settle more for comfortable than competitive) and we did some core stuff afterwards. It was nice. I finished up with a 20 minute walk around the track, watching my son wrap up soccer camp for the day.

Tonight, I ran over at St. Eds on the trail (45 minutes). I love that run and I felt really good, despite the earlier spin and the later day heat. Afterward, I walked some with my friend Carrie, perhaps another 30–45 minutes. Top it off with seeing some friends I hadn’t had the pleasure of hanging out with in a while, a cold beer in the parking lot, and it was quite a nice evening.

Two of my friends who just happen to be in love with each other were there as well. Now, that is a beautiful thing to see. It’s like looking at new babies in the hospital; there is nothing more hopeful or positive than the blush of love or a new baby. You can’t believe the world is a bad place and life is horrible and launch into either endeavor.



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