Nice Run Today

I did an easy out-and-back over at St. Ed’s/Forest Ridge today. This is one of my all-time favorite runs any time, so I’m always predisposed to enjoy it. But today was especially nice.

About 95 percent of my Cardio Agility soreness was gone when I woke up. There was a twinge or two as I headed out of the St. Ed’s parking lot, but that soon dissipated as I warmed up. By the time I hit the climb (which is only, what, 3 minutes or some such into the run?), I felt good and back to normal.

Because I’m a geek, I always track my numbers on routes that I do over and over again. I was surprised to see that I was running faster than I had back on July 25. My goals for today were to run approximately an hour, remember to keep my arms loose–even though I was carrying a water bottle–and pick up my feet.

Evidently, both helped me motor on a bit faster than normal. I hit the rocks at the trailhead just past the water tower in 37:39–two whole minutes faster. I turned around and came back in 32:46–not surprising at all to negative split, as it is mostly downhill (essentially, down the ginormous Jester hill) on the way back, but still, that was a good 4 minutes faster than two weeks ago.

It was lovely out there; I didn’t see another person once I left the parking lot, just birds and lizards.

Now, let’s hope I feel as good on my long road run tomorrow. I’m going to do the same road route I did last weekend, except I will add back on the two miles I cut off (I was a rebel and cut over the bridge, thus bypassing the crowds at the start. My calves were cramping so badly on the finish that I cut over the bridge again at the end).

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