Pissed at the World

It’s one of those days where I am just pissed off at the world.

I’ve already been jerked around by my daughter’s oral surgeon’s office. Ugh. And then I was sick over the weekend (bad in itself), which means I missed my long run and my long ride, both of which I was really looking forward to, plus I still feel generally crappy. I’ve got a casual group that was supposed to meet this evening, so I’d arranged my whole week night schedule around that, only to have them “think” about moving to Thursday (to be decided sometime today)…which of course screws up my evenings. And now I’ve got the emergency oral surgeon visit thrown into this morning.

Last week’s workout numbers are bad because I missed Thursday due to my son being sick and then Saturday because I was sick (Sunday will show up next week). Of course, I’d already had my rest day, so three days off this week. The only bike I got in was the time trial on Tuesday!

August 5–11, 2007 Workouts

Swim         1:30
Bike              :45
Run            5:38
total            7:53

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  1. keeping it all in perspective – think about how funny it is that we all get so cranky when we dont exercize like maniacs. I\’m sure the rest of the world thinks we are pretty crazy.

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