Training is a Numbers Game

I just realized today that, what with the wacky kid schedule this week and doing my long bike ride last Saturday and then this Sunday, I’m not going to have ANY miles on the bike for this week. I will have a jillion run miles, because my long runs will have fallen on last Sunday and this Saturday, the same week. That’s just the way it shakes out. Things will be MUCH more consistent when school starts, so I’m just shrugging it off.

I’ve had two nice workout moments in the last two days.

Yesterday, I went to the pool and realized that it was no longer very hard for me to swim for a mile, and a little positive feeling about the upcoming 2.4-mile swim dared to squeeze into my tiny brain. Then, today, I had the best run with my friend Cathy on the trail. I can’t believe it had been as long as it has since we’d hit the Powerline Loop together.

Two very good things, so close together. Beautiful.

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