Swim, Swam, Swum

Yesterday, I went to the noon workout at Courtyard to try out the master’s group there.  T3 coaches it, and I had talked to the coach a couple of times on the phone. I’d talked to my ex-swimmer daughter about getting back into swimming, so she said she would go with me.

It’s always hard to jump into something new, and I was a little intimidated. I did Master’s swimming through GHST (then COTA, now Nitro) a few years ago, so it wasn’t totally new but it has been a long time. The nicest thing was pulling up in the parking lot and seeing a runner friend there to swim — wahoo! Another familiar face.

My daughter kicked ass. I love to watch her swim; she makes it look so effortless. She has never understood that she has a gift and a talent that most other people don’t.

Uh, it was NOT effortless for me…in fact, I thought I might drown from lack of coordination on some drills — that is, if the heart attack from the fast 50s didn’t get me first ( LOL). But I completed the workout and felt good about it afterward.

It was a significant jump up for me, seeing as what I’ve been doing is just swimming for endurance and not more than about 1800m at any one time. This was 2800m and there was some intensity, too. So I talked to the coach about my worries about doing “too much too fast at the wrong time” and he said he’d work with me. So we will sign up for the month of September and see from there.

It makes me happy to be in a pool in the sunshine in the middle of the day with my lovely daughter.

That evening, I went for a beautiful trail run at St. Ed’s with a small group. I really felt good.

It was a successful workout day and a refreshingly people-filled day as well.


2 thoughts on “Swim, Swam, Swum

  1. Very cool

    I used to swim with T3 and I think they’re great swim coaches for triathletes and have well put together workouts.

    Feel free to scare Maurice by calling him lester – since he abbreviates his name Mo, it always amuses me – Mo-lester – yes, it takes little to make me smile in the pool 😀

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