Cardio Agility Class = Sweaty Jello Legs

So I went to the ab class…I am the only person who has (so far) ever shown up. The ab class wasn’t happening. Am I the kiss of death or what?!?

I hung out until time for the noon Cardio Agility class. What I was thinking was I don’t really need more cardio but it could be fun, a little something different; why not, I’m here. Holy SHIT, this thing kicked my ever lovin’ ass. As I looked at myself jiggling away, vainly attempting to complete some of the moves we were doing, I vowed like Arnold, “I’ll be back.”

The class consisted of a lot of various weight exercises that required coordination. It took me a few minutes to search back in my muscle memory for my grapevine. Lots of running around holding a bar over my head. We went outside, got with a partner (of course, new-girl me gets matched up with the extremely buff and cute instructor, who could probably tap dance while holding medicine balls), wrapped cords around our waist, and took turns running across the parking lot, pulling or being pulled.

There were stations and push-ups and rolling around on the floor. My spot was the wettest, grossest spot, and everyone thoughtfully let me come back to my spot rather than get a new area all yucky.

The other folks in the group were nice. I would like to be competent at these exercises and not look quite so flaccid when I peek at myself in the mirror as I do them. It sure couldn’t hurt, and it will be a nice change of pace. Cardio Agility, here I come!

(This instructor also teaches a spin class, which I will target. She does some leg and ab stuff afterwards, too. I remember last fall I hit one of her classes one day when I was juggling things around, needing a different time than usual, and I thought it was a good workout. So between finding Cardio Agility and locating a good spin class, it was a successful trip to the Y.)


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