Deep Breaths

Yesterday was some kind of melt-down of sorts.

I woke up tired and off, feeling extremely run down–both mentally and physically. So I took the day off, both from workouts and people, and did things around the home that made me feel better (tidying, laundry, cooking, closet organizing). Maybe this is a sign that I have worked my schedule correctly, because last week was my peak workout week.

I am going to put together a ride for the Longhorn Half Ironman course for Sunday. It should be my last long ride and I will do it easy with the purpose of gathering information for when I race it. A friend sent a note yesterday that almost gave me heart palpitations:  “Only 4 1/2 weeks to Palo Duro Canyon 50K!”

Uhhhh…this means TWO AND A HALF WEEKS to Longhorn Half IM.

My heart races just typing this. I haven’t even looked over all the race day/packet pick-up details. Actually, I haven’t done that for EITHER race. Normally, I’ve been all over this stuff and practically have it memorized. It just goes to show that having two goal events within the same month is a little overwhelming for obsessive-compulsive me.

On Monday, I went to swimming with my oldest daughter and had a really great workout. I was put in a lane with five other women (all of whom were quite nice); for me, this was a little stressful as I’m new, don’t know all the drills, doubt my flip turn proficiency, and have that basic fear of not being able to keep up. But I held my place (last–fine by me) and did all of the workout (except for one 50 where I was totally confused on what the drill was supposed to be). I actually felt better when I was done swimming than when I’d gotten there, as I’d had some stiffness left over from the weekend mostly in my shoulders and quads.

Libby is going back today but I have jury duty. (Like I told my friend Cathy, there was no “I have to workout” option to excuse me from my civic duty).


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