Harrumph from the Flexible Schedule Exerciser

Why is it that so few fitness-related businesses (training groups and the like) provide options/outlets for people who have flexible schedules during the day?

The obvious answer is that they don’t feel there are enough folks out there to make it worth their while. But this number of people just keeps growing, what with more and more work going on out of the home. I mean, the obvious demographic is stay-at-home parents who, once the kids go off to school, have the ability to workout.

There are so few options I just want to scream. My first priority is to family because I made the commitment to be a stay-at-home mom. So early morning workouts often conflict with getting kids (I’ll be down to one this year but the amount of kids really makes no difference) off to activities and school; evening workouts conflict with extracurricular activities. And I have HOURS all during the day to schedule as I will…yet no one to do it with.

If you know someone who wants to do regular workouts during the day, send ’em my way please.


4 thoughts on “Harrumph from the Flexible Schedule Exerciser

  1. When I’m not on a project at work, I usually have very flexible days. However, my fitness level has gone to crap. 🙂 (Granted, if I use that as an excuse to not train, it will never get any better!)

    I agree about the training groups being scheduled around regular working hours. Ugh. I don’t want to get up at 5am to do a workout. Neither do I want to hit the road between 5-6pm to fight traffic to get to a workout.

    So yes, count me as someone who wants to do regular workouts during the day, but I can’t promise I’ll always be in town for them.

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