Finally, a Post

It’s been awhile since I posted anything. It’s not because nothing has been happening; it’s just that I got behind and then more behind and even behinder….

Basically, I’ve been recovering since Palo Duro Canyon, just gradually getting back into the swing of things. It’s refreshing not to have something looming overhead that I feel the need to prepare for. So I’m trying to do some more fun things.

Wurst Ride 100K:  this was so much fun. A ride with friends on a beautiful day, especially when followed with relaxing in a park with beer and sausage, is sheer heaven.

Ironman Video Viewing:  sat down to watch coverage of CdA Ironman and highlights from previous years with Coach Amy and my friend Claire. Yeah!!

Beginner Running:  I hooked up with one of my closest friends from college about a month ago. She’s a relatively new runner and is up to 5–6 miles, so we made a standing date to run together every Thursday morning. It’s so nice to run and chat with her, and I feel like I’m helping her stay on track — she’s lost 50 pounds so far (not since we’ve been running together, but all told).

Going for Speed:  something I haven’t done in the last, oh, three years. I’ve thrown in short and fast runs on Tuesday and have been trying to do the 7-mile loop at TLT once a week at a consistant non-trail, non-lollygagging pace. I’m enjoying it.

This week, I will tag along behind my friend Cathy and begin going to the Ship of Fools workouts. It’s like the first day of school…I’m nervous about a new bunch of people and getting back to putting it on the line in a workout. Funny; I’m not scared of running for hours and hours or for 30+ miles but tell me I have to run some fast repeats, and I whimper like a girlie man.  Suck it up, Leah — it’s just running!

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  1. Woo-Hoo Too busy to post!

    How hectic! And what fun!

    I think I saw that \”Non-lollygagging\” pace on the McMillian Pace Calculator:)

    Clearly the lack of posts was not due to lack of things to post about!

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