I Am Not “Anonymous”!

Interesting; for some reason when I get on LiveJournal now via my toolbar link from Mozilla, it shows my comments as coming from “anonymous” instead of me. I’m showing as logged in and everything, so my technically-challenged brain doesn’t comprehend this.

When I do the same thing from Internet Explorer, I am me, leahruns. The reason I have to go both ways is that Mozilla always shuts me down when I try to post an entry on LJ; maybe it’s just time to quit accessing LJ through Mozilla.


3 thoughts on “I Am Not “Anonymous”!

  1. But *I* am anonymous!

    Hi Leah – I found you! And have been enjoying the blog, I have to say. Actually, I’m not totally anonymous, I’m just not an LJ user. It’s Liz, your trail running flunkie. Keep writing Tri Gal!

    1. Re: But *I* am anonymous!

      LIZ!!!! Oh, how nice to hear from you. You will be proud; I have been riding and feeling better and better about being on the bike. Drop me an email sometime; I would love to hear what you are up to and have on the plate.

  2. That’s weird. But now I think I know who anonymous was in my Dexter entry.

    I use Mozilla too. I guess I’m posting to see if it makes me anonymous too. We’ll see. Here it goes.


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