Ironman CdA Aftermath

I’m still working on the epic novel that is “Ironman CdA race report.” It’s coming…maybe today….

It’s amazing how I feel. My body feels great. The worst thing is the two sunburned half-moons on my back (they actually hurt worse now than several days ago, which makes me think this is really a bad burn). I have absolutely no aches and pains to speak of.


The physical thing that says “you just did an Ironman” is total exhaustion.

I am so tired. Last night, 9 hours of sleep. The most strenuous thing I’ve done is take my daughter to DPS for her license renewal, and I think I came home and took a nap afterwards, too (and dozed while waiting). It is as though I was completely drained, and recharging my batteries is taking a long time.

Not to mention I am hungry all the time. The big challenge here is making sure that the eating is good stuff and in the proper amounts.

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  1. Good Stuff

    I\’m eating good stuff and in proper amounts ~ last night I had warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cold milk…both good stuff and I had the proper amounts 🙂

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