Bye Bye, Spring Break!

We made it through spring break with all the soccer practices and games, play practices, general kid stuff, etc., etc.

It was a down week as far as training went, so I was actually able to sleep in (that simply means getting up when I want to as opposed to waking up with an alarm, because I now think it is impossible for me to sleep past 7AM. In fact, somedays, I just pop awake at 5-something, and that is just sad).

Some really good things during Week 10 of IM training:

  • making it through my quality workout on a down day
  • great T/Th workouts with my friend Cathy
  • having several family meals together throughout the week (some of which I didn’t even cook)
  • getting a TON of yard work done at the new house
  • seeing plays with daughter and hubby
  • getting in ALL my nutrition on my long bike ride
  • riding a beautiful, fun route in LaGrange the whole way with friends
  • feeling excellent on the run Sunday
  • successfully riding a lot in my aerobats and navigating my new bottle cages

Week 10: IM Training Totals

swim     2:42
bike       4:57
run        2:21
total     10:00



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