Practice Makes Perfect

I am one of those folks who loves to practice. I like to drive a course, run it if possible, wear in advance what I’m going to have on, and do every little thing I can to make “the big day” more predictable. I was happy as a pig in shit today to have a very realistic transition practice clinic. The only thing better would be to actually do the race once in advance (you laugh, but my first Danskin I pretty much did that).

That was a good thing about today but there were several things that really were not so good. These things weighed on me. The stuff that really truly gets to me revolves around only a few things–mainly relationships with other people. I used to think of myself as an easy person to get along with but there have been so many things over the last couple of years that show me that there are quite a few people who find me difficult to get along with. And this pains me. Even when they are people who I know are misguided or poorly motivated or someone I should be able to shrug off. I still have a hard time letting go of those painful things.

So with all this miscellaneous stuff going on, I decided to do something pleasant that I enjoy in order to pick up my spirits; I took my doggie to the doggie park on this beautiful afternoon. Oh, he loves running around with the other dogs and they are all so cute, and I sit in the sunshine and throw rocks and chase and have a great time. And then, there in the parking lot, hanging out, is somebody I really, really don’t like to see. One of these people who’s been a shit to me recently. Normally, I act like nothings wrong and say hello and try to be the bigger person, but I just couldn’t today.

I don’t know when I’ll get past this. It just sucks.

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Published by Leah Nyfeler

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0 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect

  1. when i read your postings i love hearing how you are close to your dog, your kids, your hubby and your dear special friends. i read how you are loving life as it is. keeping your activity level up to stay healthly for your family and sanity. keep doing what you love best. j

  2. I\’ll never understand that

    I\’m not a fan of being the bigger person. If someone is knowingly and intentionally being an asshat to me, rest assured I will be anything else then nice.

    revenge is a dish best served cold.

    1. Re: I\’ll never understand that

      Yeah, I hear you and it\’s a hard thing to decide for me. I\’ve always believed in treating people the way I want to be treated myself, and so when someone is a total dickwad, that\’s kind of outside my scope. I just don\’t understand some of the crap that people pull. Not to say that I am any kind of saint because I most certainly am not, but I just don\’t do things covertly–I\’m more in your face, so you know how I feel because I tell you. It\’s those people who do stuff behind your back, spread rumors, deny it, etc. that keep a wound open in perpetuity who perplex me.

      So after I\’ve said my piece and had it out, where do I go from there when I see the dickwad who still denies everything and has never apologized? Usually, I\’m just matter of fact and have as little to do with the jerk as possible. I\’m not sure I gain anything by being rude; in fact, I think I give more fuel to the behind-my-back shit.

      Ugh–I thought junior high ended.

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