Wonky Day

Today was just weird and wonky. It got off on the wrong foot thanks to a phone conversation with a family member and then there was the thunder and lightning, which totally threw off my structure of the day, because don’t you know the day is all arranged around the workout.

Open Water Swimming

I wound up at Barton Springs in the early afternoon. It was coldish and blustery and I was actually happy to have my wet suit on BEFORE I got in the water. There were only about three other people in the pool, all of whom were guys in wet suits doing triathlete-y swimming. However, I was the only one swimming from the crack (I amused myself by thinking, “They’re doing Danskin laps!” Of course, I did not even know of this distinction until about two weeks ago), which made me feel kind of badass.

By the time I finished my workout, the sun had come out and it had turned into a spring day.  The water was very clear (except for the giant globs of stringy algae here and there) and I saw a big fish like Cathy had talked seeing about last time. It startled me by swimming up toward my stomach and I actually swallowed a mouthful of water in surprise. I also saw some really big crawdads trundling about on the bottom, which for some reason I find very entertaining. There was a photographer from the Austin American-Statesman who took some pictures of me swimming that might be used in an article on the proposed improvements — he said I “looked like a veteran.” Huh, who’d have ever thought?

When I got home and was closing up files, I reread the drill description for today’s workout…and I think I was one lap short. GRRRRR!

Organized Ride: Pedal Power

Tomorrow we’re doing the Pedal Power ride out in Stonewall. It will be a really nice day; I got everything done so I merely have to enjoy the ride. The kids have been assigned to plan and prepare for dinner in the evening — we’ll help cook, but they have to have the plan and all the supplies in place. We’ll see how this goes!

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