Whole Lot o Nothin’ Going On

I made a point to schedule some “I’m not doing anything” time today.

It is harder to do than a workout or chores. I feel guilty about not being super efficient and getting stuff done. I mean, shoot, even in my “do nothing” time today, I still did the laundry. Somehow, laundry is like not doing anything because I can lay around and read or be on the computer while clothes are drying/washing. I leisurely got half of the week’s worth of laundry done and folded and hung up. I am telling the family I won’t do the rest until all the currently clean laundry is put away.

I had a peek this last week at being mentally burned out on training. I’m not there yet, but I recognize that old devil “overtraining” sneaking a glance at me around the corner. He would LOVE to get a hold of me like he did around Pikes Peak. No…I learned my lesson. Better to be rested than to have done that extra workout or gotten those chores out of the way.

My goal for this week is to get rested up enough to look forward to my workouts again.

Reading for Relaxation

I’m on a reading jag. Books I’ve read in the last month:  How Starbucks Saved My Life, Three Cups of Tea, The Glass Castle, and The Elegant Gathering of White Snows.

Three are memoirs; only Elegant Gathering is fiction. Of course, Going Long: Training for Ironman Distance-Triathlons is being read continuously.

Week 15: IM Training Totals (recovering from Playtri Half IM)

swim     3:00
bike       4:40
run        2:45
total     10:25*

*I love that 10 hours and 25 minutes of training time in a week now feels like “recovery”


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