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Hey, if you have a source of liquid calories that works for you on the bike, would you tell me? I am (still) having a hard time getting all I need to eat on the bike. I think it would be helpful to try to drink more of those calories, so I’d love to hear what works for you.

Thank you so much, blog friends!

I got behind on my weekly tally, so here are numbers for the last two:

Week 17: IM Training Totals

swim     3:10
bike       7:20
run         3:35
total     14:05

Week 18: IM Training Totals

swim     3:09
bike       8:38
run         3:10
total      14:57

Today is a rest day and I’ve already gotten all sorts of miscellaneous house things done. And I’ve eaten a good lunch–it is surprising how happy food makes me. I’m glad I can look at food as fuel and not the enemy. Yeah, I could be skinnier but I don’t want that to drive everything I think about what I injest.

This training week, No. 19, looks to be a bitch. I’m just going to chip away at it one workout at a time. And schedule some naps.

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  1. i use carbo-pro and gatorade. i like this mix because i can make it as strong or as weak as i like (by chg\’g the amount of carbo=pro) and i can change the flavor of gatorade. i\’m really loving the rain lime flavor these days.
    i know others use infinit (i thikn it is only available thru mail order) but this you can have them make it to your specific formula. everyone i know wo uses it, loves it.

  2. Infinit!

    Infinit Infinit Infinit! completely customizable for calories, taste, flavor and electrolytes. I won\’t ever race long distance without it again.

    just go through the QuickStart interview to define your custom formula, or start with one of their pre-mixes and customize the next one. the best thing is that it\’s completely guaranteed so that if your first formula doesn\’t work, you can re-do it.

    Michael Folan, the owner/inventor/president is awesome! he worked with me personally to define my long-course formula. very good about returning phone calls and emails.

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